Vehicle, leasing, insurances, cost

We helps you managing all your vehicles, the contracts associated to those vehicle as well as services, fuel log entries, costs and many other features necessary to the management of your fleet of vehicle(s)

Main Feature

  • Add vehicles to your fleet
  • Manage contracts for vehicles
  • Reminder when a contract reach its expiration date
  • Add services, fuel log entry, odometer values for all vehicles
  • Show all costs associated to a vehicle or to a type of service
  • Analysis graph for costs

Feet Management Module

Core modules incorporated in Fleet Management vertical is as follows:


  • Vehicle Information.
  • Provision to collect Driver Information for particular vehicle.
  • Vehicle Insurance Details.
  • Provision to collect details line
    • No. Of doors,
    • No. Of seats,
    • Color & Engine Details.
  • Provision set GPS device for vehicle to track.
  • Device History to capture previous tracking details of Device

Vehicle contract:

  • Provision to set vehicles purchase and leasing details.
  • Provision to Services for vehicle.

Vehicle Fuel Log

  • We can maintain Fuel log of vehicle
  • Allow to set cost of fuel, which is going to add in total cost of vehicle
  • Maintains record of Supplier from whom Fuel is purchased

Vehicle Service Log

  • Linking of Transportation informatin in student account
  • Maintain Transpor details with Participants & Vehicle info
  • Root wise, Date wise Transport Registraion details.
  • Track transpot pickup points and cost info

Vehicle Cost

    Total Cost of the all vehicle will calculated here based on:
  • Vehicle purchase or contract cost
  • Service cost
  • Fuel cost

Device Configuratioin

    It contains Details about GPS device that we are going to mount on Vehicle for Tracking,
    The information includes following Details:
  • Device ID
  • Device Name
  • IMEI / ESN Number
  • Email ID

Route Management

  • Route between Two OpenERP partner
  • Route between OpenERP and GPS device and Vice versa
  • Route between OpenERP partner and Android Device and Vice versa
  • Optimized Route between all the partners in the path of source and destination
  • Two address map
  • Multi address map

CMMS - Configuration Mobile Management Services

Service Configuration
  • Service Template
  • Service Item
  • Service Management
  • Work Order

Work Order Task

  • Work Order Task
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