GPS Personal Tracking System

The Personal Tracking System provides immediate location, tracking, and alerting of while engaged in critical activities. The Personal GPS Tracker is ideal for mission critical personal observation, especially:
  • Training
  • Police
  • Search and Rescure

The Personal GPS Tracker helps you focus and protect your highly trained professionals in whatever mission critical operations you may face. The real-time situational awareness provided by the personal tracking system allows you to orchestrate personnel efforts for optimal operations, and helps you bring your people home safely.

Our Personal GPS Tracker is the fastest completely-integrated real-time GPS tracking transponder available. Contact us to request a quote. The Concox GPS Tracking System allowing complete real-time tracking of personnel, vehicles, and other vital assets in one system.


Study your training exercises in real-time, The Concox Personal GPS Tracking System allows you to capture the activities of any trainee group and save them for later replay and critique.  Trainees can request support or alert operations to a critical situation.
Know where your officers and first-responders are no matter their mode of travel.  See the tactical situation in real-time, identify who is closest to the scene, and respond with the right person in the right place and at the right time.
Search and Rescue:
Coordinate in concert the efforts of your rescue personnel.  Retain and refer to a dynamic map record of all areas searched, ensuring thorough coverage.Proactively equip outbound people with a Concox Personal Tracker and pinpoint their location at any time.


Position and status updates are available as quickly as every 10 seconds.  Coupled with the rapid update capabilities the extremely short assures you that any position reports and alerts sent will post to your display(s) very quickly.
No Monthly Charges.
Because no external services are required, there are no recurring costs for a Concox GPS Tracking system. Totally Portable. The Concox Personal GPS Tracker is completely self-contained and portable.  Meant to be worn by personnel in a variety of activities, it weighs just 70g even with the built-in rechargeable batteries.  Simple to operate, just “turn it on and go”.  Furthermore, it has some of the lowest power-consumption in the industry.  The transponder features flexible reporting options, while a remote controlled sleep mode allows it to be active and consume almost no power at all.
Works Everywhere/Anytime.
The Concox Personal GPS Tracker does not rely on public wireless services, so your systems work in rural areas, forests, mountains, deserts, foreign countries.
Easy To Use.
The Concox Personal GPS Tracker is very simple to use.  Turn it on, and once GPS signal is acquired, it begins sending its position. Remote Management. Commands may be sent by SMS to Concox GPS Tracking System to modify its parameters and reporting rate.
Simple Interface.
The Concox GPS Tracking tracker is very simple to use and is designed to integrate with a variety of software, and external devices.
Visual Mapping.
The activities of all Concox GPS Tracking units are easily visualized by a number of mapping applications, includingYahoo, Bing and so on, which allows you to import your own custom maps.