The real benefits from GPS Solution

We offers a GPS tracking solution that has been developed completely based on the experience and feedback of our business team but most importantly on the experience of our customers. Our GPS tracking solution is in an ever-changing process, based on three main streams::

Answers - Positive Actions Continuous Innovation Real Control

You will be using the best GPS + GPRS + GSM devices to get continuous reporting and great flexibility.

  • Where your drivers are.
  • Where and when they have gone.
  • How long have they been there.
  • Closest vehicle to a given location.
  • What driver is speeding.
  • When a vehicle enters or leaves a defined zone.

Two main purposes of any GPS Tracking system are to provide answers and to automate control. We are constantly looking for the most efficient ways to offer both dimensions.

Every GPS Tracking solution today has to offer mobility. You will be able to monitor the location and status of your vehicles whenever, wherever. GPS Location, Track speed, direction, address and more using a portable device with browsing capabilities.

Keep this powerful tool and get real control over your fleet, equipment or other assets.

  • Locating Vehicles & Crews.
  • Theft Monitoring & Alerts.
  • Excessive Speed Monitoring. Unauthorized Vehicle Usage Alerts.
  • Roadside Assistance Request.
  • Verify accuracy of time sheets, mileage reports, call reports.
  • Increased Safety.

STEP 1: Get your GPS Tracking Device

  • Easy to install
  • 10-Second Location Updates
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Extremely Accurate

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STEP 2: GPS Tracking System for Fleet Management

Our GPS Tracking System can be customized depending on your needs. We can provide you with tracking at a very high frequency.

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